Topographical and Engineering Surveys:
A topographical survey involves measuring the terrain of the site to determine the contours, positions of existing service infrastructure, buildings, dams etc. From the field measurements the land surveyor is able to prepare a DTM Model (Digital Terrain Model) and this information is used to determine the contours of the site and prepare a plan depicting all the site information. A plan of this nature is an essential tool in the planning and design of a project. Both digital and hardcopy plans are produced and are used to analyse the slopes and topography etc for design purposes.

Engineering Surveying is the work that is done on the construction site and involves setting out the pipeline routes, road levels etc. This type of work is generally done by a engineering surveyor.

Property Rezoning:
The town planning dynamics and land use trends of a city change over time and Meh Surveys are able to assist and guide our clients in the procedures involved in changing the land use and zoning of a particular site if the change is deemed appropriate.

Boundary relocation:
The land surveyor is fully qualified to assist in re-establishing the positions of property beacons and boundary positions. This is an essential service and should be a prerequisite when any building of considerable value is to be built in close proximity to a boundary. Land Surveyors are frequently called upon to resolve boundary disputes and in most cases this is the unfortunate consequence of not having the property boundary correctly established at the outset before construction commences.

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