MEH Surveys is a multi disciplinary land surveying firm based in East London, South Africa. The firm has kept up to date with the latest technology and specializes in the land survey aspects of property development, subdivisions and sectional title surveys. MEH Surveys has a proud history of serving the East London and Eastern Cape area with records in the office archives dating back to the year 1916.

The clients of a land surveyor include government departments, civil engineers, town planners, architects, local authorities, property developers and attorneys and these property professionals are generally familiar with the role and functions of the surveyor on engineering and housing projects. The contents of this site will hopefully be of interest to property owners giving information on the service the land surveyor provides in planning, monitoring and implementing residential property subdivisions, rezoning and sectional title surveys and property boundary identification and investigations. Zoning scheme information and planning procedures referred to here are specific to the Buffalo City Municipal area but would be fairly similar in other parts of South Africa. Similar information on property subdivision and development should be obtained from the land surveyor who operates in your local area.

Disclaimer: MEH Surveys believes that the information provided in this web page is reliable but do not warrant that the information contained herein is complete or correct. MEH Surveys or Neil Henderson should not be responsible for any loss or damage which may result from the use of the information contained in this web page or to any web pages linked to it.

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